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The 21th edition of IManEE 2017 International Conference

May 25-26, 2017 Iasi, Romania

Over 20 years of excellence in research.

MODTECH / TMCR Renewed Series

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Abstracts waiting
TEST , Andrei Mihalache
The Necessity of a Dual Education System for Romanian Automotive Industry. Case Study: The German Du , Ramona Pîrlog, Ioan-Vlăduț Nuțu, Anca Alexandra Purcărea, Aurelian Vlase
Theoretical aspects concerning geometry of burnished surface , Iolanda Poschin, Gheorghe Nagit
Abstracts accepted
Deep Learning Approaches for Voice Activity Detection , Li Wang, Haitao Tang
Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Parallel, Asymmetrical Gripper System with One Mobile Jaw , Tudor Deaconescu, Andrea Deaconescu
Linear Pneumatic Motors – a comparative study , Tudor Deaconescu, Andrea Deaconescu
Approaches for reducing structural vibration of the carbody railway vehicles , Madalina Dumitriu, Catalin Cruceanu
Modelling of structural flexibility of the carbody railway vehicles , Madalina Dumitriu, Camil Craciun
Some Aspects Regarding the Relationship Between Consumer and Industrial Design , Andrei DUMITRESCU
Data analysis for feeding a monitoring network’s predictive maintenance system , Tom SAVU
Grouping of parts for co-processing on flexible rotor lines , Yevhen Bulenkov and Alexander Mikhaylov
Parametric study of the distribution of longitudinal dynamic forces developed in the train body usin , Camil Crăciun, Mădălina Dumitriu, Cătălin Cruceanu
Hob mill for spline shaft, profiled by generating trajectories method. Graphical application in CATI , Florin Susac, Virgil Gabriel Teodor , Nicuşor Baroiu and Nicolae Oancea
Application of Axiomatic Design Principles for Construction of a Learning Management System in Roman , Dragoş Iliescu, Felicia Veronica Banciu
About the influence of wheel slide protection devices action on longitudinal dynamic of trains , Cătălin Cruceanu , Mădălina Dumitriu and Camil Ion Crăciun
Method for energy-efficient planning of the industrial process , Gabriel Frumuşanu, Nicolae Badea, Cezarina Afteni and Alexandru Epureanu
Possible structure of an energy system for nearly-Zero Energy Building , Nicolae Badea, Alexandru Epureanu, Gabriel Frumusanu and George-Vlad Badea
The energetic load smoothing along the rack tool cutting edge in toothing process , Mihai Bordeanu, Gabriel Frumuşanu and Nicolae Oancea
Energy efficiency regulation for industrial products and processes , George-Vlad Badea, Nicolae Badea, Alexandru Epureanu and Gabriel Frumusanu
The Scientific Studies on Smart Grid in Selected Countries , Serhat Orkun Tan, İlker Türker, Türker Toku
Rapid Prototyping used an extruding head X-Z , Lucian Gal, Norbert Szucs, Doina Mortoiu, Ioan Radu
Optimization of the mechanism from an equipment for overcoming obstacles with Design of Experiments , Vlad Gheorghita
Applicability of ANN models and Taguchi method for the determination of tool life in turning , Nikolaos E. Karkalos and Angelos P. Markopoulos
Using Regression Analysis Method to Model and Optimize the Quality of Chip-Removing Processed Metal , Mihail Aurel Țîțu, Bianca Alina Pop
Experimental Research on the Modeling and , Bianca Alina Pop, Mihail Titu
Influence of traction on railway car vertical load , Marius-Adrian SPIROIU
Body mass dependent shock attenuation and stability provided by technical footwear , Stergios Maropoulos, Giannis Korakidis, Dimitris Fasnakis, Sophia Papanikolaou, Maria Papagiannaki, Fotini Arabazti Alexander Tsouknidas
Study of a device which measures the angled walls of injection mold components on a three axis CNC , Bogdan Pralea & Gheorghe Nagit
Aspects of derivative causality in bond-graph models , Radu Ibănescu and Mihaela Ibănescu
Simplified Simulation of Impact Bullet - Stratified Pack for Restraining Ballistic Tests , Pirvu C., Ionescu T.F., Badea S., Georgescu C., Deleanu L
The Use of Creative Techniques for Development of Engineering Human Resources , Claudiu Pirnau, Daniel Ghiculescu and Ion Niculae Marinescu
Some aspects of finite element modelling of ultrasonically aided micro-EDM of CoCr alloys , Daniel Ghiculescu, Niculae Marinescu, and Claudiu Pirnau
Researches concerning the Rotation Accuracy motion of a work piece with Radial Deflection processed , Mihai Boca, Gheorghe Nagit, Mihaita Horodinca
Estimation of total time on test for large samples , Marius-Adrian SPIROIU
Specific Heat of Nano-Ferrites Modified Epoxy Resins , Cristian Muntenita, Claudia Ungureanu, Vasile Bria, Iulia Graur
Sound vibrations proper functioning universal lathe , Olaru Sergiu-Constantin, Laurentiu Slatineanu and Manuela Silitra
Generation of the teeth precessional gears by plastic deformation , Bostan I., Dulgheru V., Trifan N.
Study Regarding the Springing of Metal Sheet Parts after Bending , Mihail Purcarea, Andrei Dumitrescu
Contributions to research of the working body of micro hydropower plants , Ion Bostan, Viorel Bostan , and Oleg Ciobanu
Contributions to research planetary precessional multipliers gear box , Ion Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru , and Radu Ciobanu
The Necessity of a Dual Education System for Romanian Automotive Industry. Case Study: The German Du , Ramona Pîrlog, Ioan-Vlăduț Nuțu, Anca Alexandra Purcărea, Aurelian Vlase
THE PROCESSING ACCURACY OF THE GEAR , Sergiu Mazuru1, Serghei Scaticailov, and Maxim Casian,
The Effect of Drilling Parameters for Surface Roughness in Drilling of AA7075 Alloy , Nafiz Yaşar
Rolling with and without slipping, during epicycloids generation , Iulian Popescu, Alina Elena Romanescu, Ludmila Sass
Rolling with and without slipping, during orthocycloids generation , Iulian Popescu, Ludmila Sass, Alina Elena Romanescu
Nano graphite as Additive in Soybean Oil , George-Cătălin Cristea, Cosmin Dima, Dumitru Dima, Constantin Georgescu, and Lorena Deleanu
Influence of the stacking sequence on the mechanical proprieties of glass fibre reinforced polymer , Paul Bere, Adrian Popescu, Cristian Dudescu, Liana Hancu
The technology development that changes the entrepreneurial process , Ioan-Vlăduț Nuțu, Aurelian Vlase
Design and manufacturing front hood for electric vehicle by carbon fibber , Paul Bere, Neamtu Calin, Cristian Dudescu
Experiments for WAAM Technologies , Laurentiu Dan Ghenghea
STUDY OF ITERATIONS IN THE DESIGN PROCESS OF A PRODUCT FOR AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY , Daniel-Constantin Anghel, Nadia Belu, Laurentiu-Mihai Ionescu, Nicoleta Rachieru
The optimal dimensional design of machining technologies , TOCA Alexei 1, a *, STINGACI Ion1, b , RUȘICA Ion1, c
Use of microscopy techniques in failure analysis of the plastic injection molded parts to prevent th , Ion Cristian Braga, Anisor Nedelcu
Configuration of the process of creation and classification of product features correlated with prod , Giorgiana ARMĂȘOIU
Polyjet technology applications for rapid tooling , Razvan Udroiu
CADOProSys Software. Product manufacturing technology , Catrina Chivu, Cătălin-Iulian Chivu, and Cristina Găvruş
CADOProSys Software. Facilities layout design , Cătălin-Iulian Chivu, Catrina Chivu, and Magdalena Barbu
Innovative approach of drills acquisition. A case study , Raluca Daicu, Valentin Ditu, Gheorghe Oancea
Public-Private Partnerships in emerging countries , Emilia CALEFARIU and Traian Alexandru BUDA
3D Printing of Near Net Shape Components from Shape Memory Alloy Powders , C. Virgil Solomon, Matthew Caputo
Investigation on Hole Qualıty of Cutting Conditions in drilling of CFRP Composite , Nafiz YAŞAR, M. Erdi KORKMAZ, Mustafa GÜNAY
Contact behavior at pressure of a surface asperities obtained by turning , Cristina Savu, Vasile Ermolai, Vlad Cazacu, Claudiu Guriță, Margareta Coteață
A case study about acquisition of mechanically fixed cutting inserts , Raluca Daicu, Valentin Diţu, Gheorghe Oancea
Freeform gridshells production of variable joints between load-bearing beams , Andrei Mihalache
The Analysis of an Intelligent Formwork that Creates Complex Surfaces , Raluca Diaconu, Paul Dan Brindasu
Aspects to be considered in case of variable surfaces modelling , Andrei Mihalache and Gheorghe Nagîț
The process of weldbrazing CMT (Cold Metal Transfer Pulse for assembly of the different thin sheets , Gheorghe Sima, Elena Muncut, Adriana Moțica, Aurelia Tanasoiu
Energy evaluation at a winery to increment quality through mechanical engineering: a case study at a , João Correia, António Mourão, Miguel Cavique
Discharge line as the amplifier of the positive displacement pump pressure pulsation , Dominik Rabsztyn, Klaudiusz Klarecki
Study of iterations in the design process of a product for automotive industry , Daniel-Constantin Anghel, Nadia Belu, Laurentiu-Mihai Ionescu, Nicoleta Rachieru
The estimation with Artificial Neural Networks of some quality parameters for the surfaces processed , Daniel-Constantin Anghel, Alexandru Ene
Automation of the evaluation process of technical condition and repair planning of freight cars usin , Marek Płaczek, Krzysztof Pietranczyk
Modelling and analysis of the strength of modernized freight car’s body shell , Marek Płaczek, Andrzej Wróbel
The Interaction of Personal and Situational Factors in the Context of Creativity Advancement of Futu , Mihail Aurel ȚÎȚU, Claudiu PÎRNAU and Mironela PÎRNAU
A welding technology using RobotStudio , Viorel Cohal, Alexandru Cohal
Advanced Product Design Principles Applied for Developing a Reconfigurable Multi-station Welding Wor , Vasile Merticaru, Alexandru-Catalin Paraschiv and Marius-Ionut Ripanu
About non-conventional methods for manufacturing amorphous metals , Axinte Eugen ; Bofu Andrei; Neyara Radwan
Research for Enhancing Innovative Product Development Knowledge within Engineering Education , Vasile Merticaru, Gheorghe Nagit, Oana Dodun, Andrei Mihalache and Marius-Ionut Ripanu
Integration of complementary methods for monitoring stress/strain of WTB structures , Adriana Savin, Rozina Steigmann, Nicoleta Iftimie, Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Narcis Andrei Danila, Paul-Doru Barsanescu
Electromagnetic configurable architectures for assessment of CFRP , Rozina Steigmann, Adriana Savin, Nicoleta Iftimie, Gabriel Silviu Dobrescu, Janez Grum
Influence of the clearances present in the stamping device upon the surface roughness on the stamped , Marius Ionut RIPANU1, Gheorghe NAGIT, Vasile MERTICARU, and Andrei Marius MIHALACHE
Influence of the cage material’s thickness on the burrs resulted from the stamped bearing cages wi , Marius Ionut RIPANU
Preliminary study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of dissimilar joints of aluminium , Daniela- Monica Iordache, Cătălin -Marian Ducu, Eduard -Laurentiu Niţu, Doina Iacomi and Adriana-Gabriela Plăiaşu
Method for optimization of the orientation and fixing system of semi-products for the construction o , Daniela-Monica Iordache, Alin-Daniel Rizea, Aurel Costea, Eduard-Laurenţiu Niţu and Alexandru Baba
Vibration-based evaluation of weld structures integrity , Stanciu Emilian et al.
From 3D layout to dynamic simulation model , Alin Gavriluță, Ana Gavriluță, Eduard-Laurențiu Nițu
Analysis on the influence of supply method on a workstation with the help of dynamic simulation , Alin Gavriluță, Eduard-Laurențiu Nițu, Ana Gavriluță
Thermo-mechanical testing and characterization of microcrystalline / nanocellulose – reinforced po , Magdalena Silvia Rodeanu, Marian Baştiurea, Dumitru Dima, Gabriel Andrei
Design and manufacture of the noncircular gears , Laurenţia Andrei
Defining the machining process for complex parts made from aluminum alloy extruded profiles by corre , Ștefan Adrian Moldovan, Mihai Bãnicã, Vasile Nãsui
Experimental and numerical analysis of aramid fiber laminates with DCPD resin matrix subjected to im , Miroslaw Bocian, Joanna Pach, Krzysztof Jamroziak, Mariusz Kosobudzki, Slawomir Polak, Dariusz Pyka, Aleksander Blachut and Janusz Kurowski
Products eco-sustainability analysis using CAD SolidWorks software , Luminița I. Popa, Vasile N.Popa
On some aspect regarding Circular Economy Inovations components effects over Horizon 2020 projects , Vasile N.Popa,Luminita I.Popa
The influence of build orientation on the mechanical properties of medical implants made from PA 220 , Răzvan Păcurar, Ancuţa Păcurar and Anna Petrilak
Finite Element Simulation of chip formation during hard machining , Irina Besliu, Dumitru Amarandei, Slatineanu Laurentiu
Operating optimization of the equipment and machines using imposed lifespan between maintenance. , Cristian Silviu Simionescu
An analysis of the train–turnout interaction , Mihaela Cristina Tudorache, Răzvan Andrei Oprea
Tooth Contact Analysis of Spur Gear with Lead Crowning and Lead Relieving , Spiridon Cretu, Nicolae Pop, Stelian Cazan
Influence of electrical parameters on morphology of nanostructured TiO2 layers developed by electroc , Gabriela Strnad, Zoltan German-Sallo, Laszlo Jakab-Farkas, Cecilia Petrovan, Serban Andrei Gaz Florea, Diana Portan
Application of Optical Scanning System to Determine the Machining Allowances , KROLCZYK Jolanta, PIHAN Gabriel, LEGUTKO Stanislaw
The analysis of the water meter’s body manufacturing process in the aspect of its productivity imp , KROLCZYK Jolanta, LEGUTKO Stanislaw, SOBERSKA Agnieszka
A conceptual design of jewellery: A galaxy-based aesthetics approach , Vaia Tzintzi, Athanasios Manavis, Nikolaos Efkolidis, Konstantinos Kakoulis, Panagiotis Kyratsis
Transformed Objects: The influence of unruly product design , Athanasios Manavis, Georgios Pliatsos, Eva Dimou, Apostolos Korlos, Panagiotis Kyratsis
Testing the assumption of linear dependence between the rolling friction torque and normal force , Stelian Alaci, Luminita Irimescu, Marian-Adrian Popescu, Daniel Fodorcan, Dumitru Amarandei,Florina-Carmen Ciornei
Damped periodic motions used in the study of the drag coefficient , Stelian Alaci, Constantin Filote, Daniel Fodorcan, Erwin-Vasile Alexandru, Dumitru Amarandei, Florina-Carmen Ciornei
Considerations on bearings diagnosis using acoustic emission versus vibrations analysis , Carmen Bujoreanu, Marcelin Benchea, Florin Breabăn
Numerical simulation with the finite element using the contact between the soil and the actively wor , Dan Chiorescu, Esmeralda Chiorescu, Oana Dodun
Analysis and performance evaluation of a flexible manufacturing system , A Fota, S. Barabas, S. Flavius
Synergetic Aspects of Calcium-Silicate Building Products , Yulia Sidorenko
Innovation Management in Renewable Energy Sector , V. Ignat, P. Lorenz
5-axes modular CNC machining center , Radu-Eugen Breaz, Sever-Gabriel Racz, Octavian-Constantin Bologa
Design of a new constructive solution for 6-DOFs parallel manipulator based on structural modelling , Lucian Milica, Alexandru Năstase, Gabriel Andrei
Study on the designing industrial control valves with manual drive , Pascariu Andrei Octavian
Experimental Approaches Regarding Full Operational Modal Identification of a Structural Element , Silviu Nastac, Carmen Debeleac
A study on forming tool profile effect in incremental forming process by finite element method analy , Khalil Ibrahim Abass
Balancing the manufacturing lines through modelling and simulation using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation , Florin Blaga, Iulian Stanăşel, Voichița Hule and Alin PoP
Analysis of the material used to build the blades of a wind turbine on its performances , Eugen-Vlad Nastase
Simulating water flow through a hydraulic channel using Ansys , Eugen-Vlad Nastase
Research on importance of cleanliness in manufacturing reliable products for automotive , Dzetzit Alexandra
Researches Regarding Primary Control in Hydraulic Systems , Irina TITA
Aspects of modelling classical or synchronous modelling with Solid Edge ST 9 , Adrian Mihai Goanta1*, Georgeta Haraga2
Analysis of the performance management within industrial systems: a study case , Flavia Fechete and Anișor Nedelcu
FEA analysis and design optimization for a multifunctional piece of furniture , Haraga Georgeta, Goanta Adrian Mihai
A new experiment outside the International Space Station (ISS) about shape memory composites , Loredana Santo, Fabrizio Quadrini
Rehabilitation and greening energy solutions in buildings , Angela Repanovici, Vlaicu Luminita Ioana
Ethical dilemmas in physiotherapy devices development , Nadinne Roman
Measurement of defects in carbon fiber reinforced polymer drilled , V. Pascual, M. San-Juan, O. Martín, F.J. Santos
Portable self-centering device with calibrated rollers , Adriana Munteanu, Florentin Cioata
Using noncircular gears for the unloading door kinematics modification , Mircea Niculescu, Laurenţia Andrei
On Computational Estimations of Modal Response Changes due to Thermo-mechanical Effects in a Structu , Silviu Nastac, Carmen Debeleac
Analysis of the Measurement Conditions Influence on the Results of a Car Steering System Diagnosis , Marius Toma, Cristian Andreescu, Dan Micu
Comparative Study on the Lateral Run-Out of Friction Surfaces Measurement of Brake Discs Using a Bra , Marius Toma, Cristian Andreescu, Dan Micu
Performance assessment of a solar-powered adsorption air conditioning system , Carmen Ema Panaite, Oana Dodun, Vlad Mario Homutescu, Aristotel Popescu
Organisational Strategy in Industry , Cristina Fenișer, Arik Sadeh, Florin Lungu
Hydraulic and electric elements in reduction of vibrations in mechanical systems , Katarzyna Białas
Methods for determining the maximum energy area for wind power plants , Cristian Chioncel, Matei Lordos, Nicoleta Gillich, Ovidiu-Gelu Tirian
The application of surface response method to optimization of precision ball end milling , Szymon Wojciechowski1*, Pawel Twardowski1, Radosław W. Maruda2, Grzegorz M. Królczyk3
Turning process monitoring of internal combustion engine piston’s cylindrical surface , Pawel Twardowski1, Szymon Wojciechowski1*, Maciej Tabaszewski2
Laser Scanning and CAD Conversion Accuracy Correction of a Highly Curved Engineering Component using , A. Giannelis1, I. Symeonidou 1, D. Tzetzis1 , G. Kaisarlis2, P. Kyratsis3
Design Algorithm for the Generatrix Profile of ZB Cylindrical Rollers , Spiridon Cretu
Researches regarding analysis of cylindrical roller bearings design, in order to optimize the classi , Alin Marian Pușcașu1, Octavian Lupescu 1, and Ana Bădănac1,
Brazing of the aluminium thin sheets used in special industrial parts , Ionel OLARU
New formula to describe the relation between the process parameter in a DC magnetron sputtering mach , Ionut Spataru, Eugen Strajescu
Researches Regarding the Reducing of Burr Size by Optimising the Cutting Parameters on a CNC Milling , Cristina Biriș, Gabriel Racz
A study of cycle by cycle variation of spark-ignition engine operating with upgraded biogas , Radostin Dimitrov
Analysis of some specular nano-oxide-layer spin valves used for digital applications , Daniela Ionescu and Maria Kovaci
Analysis of geometric structure of the surface after turning thin-walled components , Krzysztof Żak, Witold Habrat
The effect of relations between dressing and grinding parameters on the workpiece surface roughness , Witold F. Habrat, Krzysztof Żak, Krzysztof Nadolny
Experimental research of the effect of the regular shaped roughness formatted by surface plastic def , Diyan M. Dimitrov , Stoyan D. Slavov, and Zhivko Dimitrov
Research on changes in the value of the pressing force during processing of regular shaped roughness , Stoyan Slavov, and Iliyan Iliev
Efficiency of Technology of Smoothing With The Ultrasound , BOTNARI Vlad
Assessment of gears made of sintered materials, working in operating conditions. , Mariusz Rosiak, Jerzy Napiórkowski, Magdalena Lemecha
Analysis of the impact of cutting speed on wear intensity of working elements in soil , Magdalena Lemecha, Jerzy Napiórkowski, Mariusz Rosiak
Control and visualization of the high bay warehouse , Andrzej Wróbel, Julian Malaka, Marek Płaczek
The concept of modernization and control the high bay warehouse , Andrzej Wróbel, Marek Płaczek
Requirements for designing a device necessary in experimental investigation of the threading accurac , Slatineanu Laurentiu, Coteata Margareta, Besliu Irina, Coman Ionel, Olaru Sergiu Constantin
An investigation of an influence of a fibre arrangement of a laminate on the values of stresses in t , Andrzej Buchacz, Andrzej Baier, Krzysztof Herbuś and Piotr Ociepka
A study of an influence of a fiber arrangement of a laminate ply on the distribution and values of s , Krzysztof Herbuś, and Piotr Ociepka
Tool material, tool wear and machined hole quality evaluation at CFRP drilling , Claudiu-Ioan Jugrestan, Marcel-Sabind Popa, Stefan Sattel, Adina-Elena Cotarga, Ovidiu-Virgil Veres, Camil-Octav Chetreanu Don
How Axiomatic Design can promote creativity in the design of new products , António Gabriel-Santos, Alberto Martinho, João Fradinho, Miguel Cavique, António Gonçalves-Coelho, and António Mourão
Design and construction of mini excavator , Nikolaos Anastasiou, Apostolos Korlos
Theoretical Research on the Issue of Heat Stress that Appears in Mechanism of Automotive Braking Sys , Ulian Tudor, Vornicu Vlad, Rakosi Edward
Theoretical Calculation Model of the Propulsion Engine Admission Parameters for Different Functional , Vlad Vornicu, Tudor Ulian, Edward Rakosi
Meteo-40S wind measurement system , Danut Zahariea and Dorin Emil Husaru
RheolabQC rotational rheometer with concentric and double-gap cylinder measuring systems , Danut Zahariea and Dorin Emil Husaru
On the stick-slip vibration in the suspension of a freight wagon , Traian Mazilu1, and Vlăduț Marian Dinu 2
FEM simulation of the orthogonal cutting process in C70 , Vlad-Bogdan Tomoiagă, Marcel Sabin Popa, Stefan Sattel, Glad Conțiu, Marius Bogza
Congestion effect on renewably energy production efficiency in Europe , Corrado Lo Storto
A peeling DEA-game cross efficiency procedure to classify suppliers , Corrado Lo Storto
Investigation of geometric influences on the measurement uncertainty by various measuring sensors , Rauf Oezden and Marcel-Sabin Popa
Assessment of small hydropower potential by informatic instruments. Case study , Alexandru Moldoveanu, Daniela Popescu
On the vertical interaction between a three-axle bogie and track , Traian Mazilu, Marius Gheti
The investigation of the chip behavior during the end milling cutting process , Ovidiu Virgil Vereş, Marcel Sabin Popa, Stefan Sattel, Claudiu Ioan Jugrestan and Elena Adina Cotargă
Renewable Energy Technologies: enlargement of biofuels list and co-products from microalgae , Chernova N.I., Kiseleva S.V., Vlaskin M.S., and Rafikova Yu.Yu.
Taguchi versus full factorial design to determine the equation of impact forces produced by water je , Nicolae Medan, Mircea Lobontiu, Sandor Ravai Nagy, and Gergely Dezső
Theoretical aspects concerning geometry of burnished surface , Iolanda Poschin, Gheorghe Nagit
Removal of the nonconformities in the packaging industry , Emilia Balan, Florin Marian Dobrea
Autonomous power supply using solar energy in Russian Far East regions , Nina V. Komarova, Yulia Yu. Rafikova, Alexey B. Tarasenko and Sophia V. Kiseleva
Study the influence of the distribution law of measurement uncertainty on the type I and type II err , Pavlina Toteva, Dimka Vasileva
A numerical solution of a closed die process , Dorin Luca
Methodology for risks analysis in framework of projects , Maria Magdalena Roșu, Rodica Rohan and Gheorghe Sindilă
The structure and formation of functional hard coatings: a short review , Vlad Diciuc, Alicja Kazek-Kęsik
Manufacturing ontology through templates , Vlad Diciuc, Mircea Lobonţiu, and Adrian Petrovan
Modal analysis in relation to the casing of an electric power steering system , Andrzej Baier, Krzysztof Herbuś, Piotr Ociepka, and Marek Płaczek
Aspects of experimental investigations of laser plug ignition use at spark ignition engine , Bogdan Done, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Alexandru Cernat, Fuiorescu Dinu and Cristian Nutu
Experimental investigations of LPG use at the automotive diesel engine , Nikolaos- Cristian Nuțu, Constantin Pană, Niculae Negurescu, Alexandru Cernat and Ionel Mirică
Experimental tests for foot pressure analysis during orthostatic position and gait , Daniel Ganea, Elena Mereuta, Silvia Veresiu, Madalina Rus and Valentin Amortila
Researches about the improvement of mechanical properties through burnishing , Nagit Gheorghe, Mihalache Andrei, Ripanu Marius, Boca Mihai
Tribological properties evaluation of Ni-P coating manufactured with electroless plating on aluminiu , Piotr Jabłoński, Kazimierz Czapczyk, Piotr Siwak, Łukasz Furmański, Paweł Grobelny, Piotr Czajka, Adam Patalas
Rigidity versus deformability hypothesis in impact dynamics , Florina-CarmenCiornei, Stelian Alaci1,2, Dumitru Amarandei, Constantin Filote and Ioan Tamasag
Study of oblique collision between a ball and a prism , Florina-CarmenCiornei, Stelian Alaci, Dumitru Amarandei, Constantin Filote and Gheorghita Sopon
Study regarding the variation of the energy consumed during the shearing process , Florin Negoescu
A practical example of application of game theory methods for production route selection , Malgorzata Olender, Damian Krenczyk
Production planning and scheduling with material handling using modelling and simulation , Damian Krenczyk, Wojciech M. Kempa, Krzysztof Kalinowski, Cezary Grabowik, Iwona Paprocka
A tribological studies of graphite solid lubrication effect on UHMW polyethylene in silicone oil lub , Piotr Jabłoński, Adam Patalas, Piotr Czajka
Influence of the cutting edge microgeometry on the tool life in austenitic stainless steel machining , Marius Bogdan Bozga, Marcel Sabin Popa, Stefan Sattel, Vlad-Bogdan Tomoiagă
Multi-assortment production flow synchronization. Multiscale modelling approach , Bozena Skolud, Damian Krenczyk, Reggie Davidrajuh
Configuring a system for hydraulic oil contamination management , Dusa Petru, Silitra Manuela, Purice Eugen, Tabacaru Lucian and Sergiu Constantin Olaru
Analysis of reaction forces in human ankle joint during gait , Daniel Ganea, Elena Mereuta, Silvia Veresiu, Madalina Rus and Valentin Amortila
Case Study of Residual Stresses Distribution in Steel Welded Parts Using Ultrasounds , DUȘA Petru , LUPAȘCU Radu Baciu and PURICE Eugen
Complex Approach in Telecommunication Engineering Education: Develop Engineering Skills by a Team Pr , Luminita Scripcariu , and Petre-Daniel Mătăsaru
Stochastic algorithms for basic-schedules generation that influence over the quality of predictive a , Iwona Paprocka, Cezary Grabowik, Wojciech M. Kempa, Damian Krenczyk and Krzysztof Kalinowski
An algorithm for production route selection in virtual manufacturing networks , Damian Krenczyk and Malgorzata Olender
Investigation of pressure retarded osmosis power production , N Taousanidis and K Gavros
Ultrasonic assisted drilling in carbon fibers reinforced plastics , Elena-Adina Cotarga , Marcel-Sabin Popa , Stefan Sattel, Claudiu-Ioan Jugrestan, Ovidiu-Virgil Veres, Martin Gutmacher
Innovative method for training students to develop enterprising, decision-making and cooperation ski , Petre-Daniel Matasaru, Luminita Scripcariu
Innovative mechatronic system for testing laterality , Claudiu Mereuta, Elena Mereuta, Daniel Ganea
Comparison between the use of structural adhesives and rivets in an overlapped joint , Miguel Amaro
Reducing the noise pollution level along main roads in Sibiu, Romania by optimising the traffic flow , Cristian Deac, Valentin Petrescu and Alina Gligor
Assessment of metallic materials required for shock stress protection , Sorin Cristea, Marius Bibu, Cristian Deac, Alina Gligor and Marinela Inta
Kerf variation analysing for Abrasive Water Jet cutting of a steel square part , Adrian-Paul Basarman and Mircea Lobonțiu
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